At Orchard Fostering, we understand the importance of Christmas. Christmas in foster care can be a difficult time – but it can also be a time of joy. Family is at the heart of Christmas, and it’s at the heart of everything we do, too.

This year, we reached out to one of our people in care and asked them all about their Christmas in foster care. They shared their foster family Christmas traditions, their foster care Christmas stories, and touched on a foster child’s needs on Christmas. Read on to find out all about what Christmas means to foster children.

What was Christmas like before you entered foster care?

I didn’t actually celebrate Christmas before I came into foster care. My family treated it like a normal day.

What are your memories of your first Christmas in foster care?

Going to see Santa in Santa’s grotto. I got a lot of Christmas presents more than I could imagine. Then for Christmas dinner there was so much food between roast potatoes, ham, turkey and broccoli for the main course – with lots and lots of dessert!

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

I have a lot of amazing Christmas memories but my favourite was probably my first Christmas in foster care. I got a flicker, which was like a scooter – and I got it without asking for it on my Christmas list. I was so surprised because I got a lot of other presents from Santa like Barbies, a Barbie campervan and board games. I was over the moon and flabbergasted.

Does your foster family have any Christmas traditions? What are they?

Going to church on Christmas Eve. Having Christmas pudding made by my foster auntie. Playing board games or charades after dessert on Christmas day.

How is COVID-19 going to change your Christmas this year?

My family won’t have a big gathering as normal because we have a big extended family. There is normally nineteen people around our Christmas table.

What does Christmas mean to you now?

Christmas means celebrating Jesus and loving and appreciating one another.

What is one thing you would like every child to have on Christmas day? What are a foster child’s needs on Christmas?

Love, happiness and a family to celebrate the holiday.

A lovely sentiment – and one in keeping with Orchard Fostering’s beliefs. We’re all about building brighter futures – and what better time to look toward a brighter future than Christmas 2023.

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the holiday with your family, check out our tips for foster parents this Christmas for lots of great ideas. If you’re interested in talking to us about fostering, contact us today.

From all of us at Orchard Fostering – have a very merry Christmas.