What are enhanced placements and who might need them, how to refer for them?

The reasons for an enhanced placement being required can vary for several reasons, and is often specific to the needs of the child or young person being placed.

Therefore, in Orchard Fostering, we have an Enhanced Placement service co-ordinator who will assess and review the support needs for all incoming placement referrals. This is to ensure support needs are identified in a proactive manner, and the necessary supports are implemented. Where an additional need arises within a current placement, the enhanced placement service co-ordinator will be notified, and the support needs of this placement will be reviewed. This is to ensure the best outcomes for all children, young people and foster carers within the service.

In addition to the benefits of a standard placement, an enhanced placement consists of:

  • Access to educational support
  • Access to psychotherapeutic support for the foster carers
  • Access to occupational therapy support

  • Social care support for the young person
  • Additional Therapeutic specific training

Referring for an Enhanced Placement?

If you are a social worker who would like to make a referral for an enhanced placement, please complete the form below.

If you would like to make a referral for Play Therapy, we offer an open referral system meaning anyone can make a referral. Please click here to make a referral for Play Therapy

    To make a referral request please complete this form and return it, along with any recent reports regarding the young person being referred.

    Step 1 of 6 - Agency details:

    Step 2 of 6 - Personal details:

    Step 3 of 6 - Placement details:

    Step 4 of 6 - Young Person's Details:

    Has the young person any experiences of the following; (if yes, please provide detail)

    Absconding Behaviour
    (please tick where applicable)


    Step 5 of 6 - Young Person's Health Details:

    Step 6 of 6 - Final Notes:

    Initial Planning Meeting

    Within the 72 hours of admission

    Previous Reports:

    Please forward any/all previous relevant reports. Has there been an educational/psychological/psychiatric assessment undertaken previously? Are there any reports from other residential placements? Is there a social history prepared?

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