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Research indicates that children in foster care are more likely than their non-foster care peers to have significant absence from school, have special education needs, are also less likely to graduate from school or to attend/graduate from college.

At Orchard Fostering we recognise the importance of supporting our young people to achieve their full potential in many areas, including education. Within Orchard Fostering’s education support initiative, volunteers help and support our young people and/or foster families reach this potential.

Education and school help to support the intellectual, social, emotional, and behavioural development of young people. For children and young people living in foster care, their education or school placements have often been disrupted leading to specific areas of development in need of additional support.

Needs of education supports are varied and include areas such as homework support, literacy support, social skills or helping a young person with their CAO form and course choices. Each Individual education support plan will be tailored to support each individual young person to meet their specific learning needs, or with each foster carer to support them in developing and utilising methods and resources for learning specific to their child.

To support our young people in reaching their academic abilities, Orchard Fostering run an education support programme that is specific to the needs of each individual child. The education volunteer engages with the child and/or foster carer by remote means once a week for a period of up to 10 weeks. Each education volunteer is Garda vetted, provided with Children’s First Training and preparation training prior to beginning work as an education volunteer. Supervision and check ins are made available and the education volunteers are welcome to join training facilitated by Orchard Fostering throughout the year as well as join any staff events.

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