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Sabrina has worked with children and young people in various forms over the last eleven years. Sabrina initially trained as a social care worker, and began her career working with older children and teenagers in residential services, and later moved into fostering, where she has remained for the last nine years.

In 2014, Sabrina began practicing as a play therapist, and has trained in a variety of settings, with children presenting with various concerns. Sabrina previously managed the social care team within the service, and this involved overseeing, supporting and advising on the practice of other social care workers, working directly with children, young people and families.

Through this and her own therapeutic cases, Sabrina has developed a great understanding and awareness of the issues experienced by children, young people and families. Sabrina has further training in Level 1 dyadic developmental psychotherapy, and level 1 theraplay (parent and child attachment based attachment intervention).

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Sabrina McArdle

Play Therapy

At Orchard Fostering, we offer play therapy services to children aged between 4 to 12 years old. We operate an open referral system, meaning that anyone can make a referral for play therapy, such as other services, parents, and allocated social workers of children who are not placed within Orchard Fostering. Our play therapy service is conveniently located in Parkwest, Dublin 12.

Play therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach used to help children explore their lives and freely express their thoughts and emotions through play. Play therapy is based on the premise that play is a child’s first language and toys are their method of communicating. Play therapy aims to provide children with an opportunity to explore their past and present using a medium that is natural to them, child centred and easy to engage in. For children, who have experienced or are currently experiencing difficulties in their lives, they often don’t have the ability to express or explain this using language, however they can naturally play them out.

Play therapy can be used to support children and young people presenting with concerns in the following areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Worry
  • Anger Management
  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem

  • Loss and Bereavement

  • Changes in Family Structures

  • Behavioural Difficulties
  • School Concerns

  • Physical Illness in the Family

  • Communication and Social Skills
  • Attachment
  • Trauma

Play Therapy Referral

If you would like to make a play therapy referral, please complete the form below. If you require further information, please send an email to info@orchardfostering.ie

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