Financial Support

You will receive an allowance each week to support the foster child in your home. Fostering allowances for all foster carers are set by the Minister for Children.

The current weekly allowance is €352 per week for each foster child. This allowance enables you to meet the needs of the foster child. As some foster children have more challenging needs and requirements we can request enhanced payments from TUSLA in specific circumstances.
As well as the payment that you will receive, we also provide unrivalled training and other supports to each and every one of our carers.

What does the allowance cover?

It’s intended to cover all the needs of each foster child including food, clothing, travel, special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, holidays camps and other activities etc. We provide clear guidance on how you can best spend the money so that the child has a healthy, happy and balanced life.

Will I be taxed on the allowance?

In general, foster carers are exempt from paying tax on the fostering allowance under the Finance Bill 2005. It also means that the money you receive is not usually classed as income when applying for certain benefits
However, we recommend that you consult with the Department of Social Protection for confirmation on this.

Talk to us and find out more

If you have any further questions about fostering talk to us. You can give us a call on 01-627 5713 or request a call back using the contact form on this page.


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