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Top book recommendations for the foster carer

With the leaves turning and autumn arriving in full swing, there is nothing better than nestling in for the night with a good book for company. At Orchard Fostering, we’ve always ben great advocates of reading. We believe that a good book can act as a portal to a new world, or as a mirror to reflect our own lives back to us. While we’ve discussed the merits of reading with your foster child before, we decided that it was time to offer our own

September 28th, 2022|Categories: fostering advice|

Orchard Fostering’s Summer Foster Family Day Out

At Orchard Fostering, we strive to make the fostering journey as fulfilling as possible for all our carers and the children in their care. We do this by offering cutting edge trainings, providing access to pre-established support systems, and by ensuring our carers (and the children in their care) are looked after every step of the way. As well as all this day-to-day work, we sometimes like to kick back and just celebrate our carers and the children in their care. In August, we gathered

August 31st, 2022|Categories: fostering advice|

Social media safety tips for foster carers 

We are living in a digital world. Every one of us is plugged in to the internet. Whether it’s looking up recipes, trying to find fun activities to do in our free time, or searching for advice about our kids – we all use the internet every single day. While the internet can be a useful and wondrous place, it can also be one fraught with danger and difficulty – especially when it comes to social media. At Orchard Fostering, we understand the importance of

August 19th, 2022|Categories: fostering advice|

How to boost the family’s mood this summer

The sun is out, the skies are blue and the world is coming to life – summer is here and it’s the perfect time for family fun. You can get outdoors and get that all-important vitamin D (remembering to wear sunscreen, of course) – a great natural mood-booster. While summer can be a time of great enjoyment, it can also bring with it some challenges. With no school to attend, the days can start to feel long and you might find yourself struggling to entertain

July 22nd, 2022|Categories: fostering advice|

Tips for encouraging positive relationships among foster siblings

Sibling relationships are an important and influential part of a young person’s life.  Ensuring a positive relationship with a sibling can massively improve a young person’s experience in care, giving them someone to look up to, play with, and care for with all their heart. At Orchard Fostering, we believe in the importance of healthy sibling relationships – but how do you encourage positive relationships between foster children? Using our foster care expertise, we’ve compiled this how-to guide for fostering positive relationships among siblings. Read

July 19th, 2022|Categories: fostering advice|

Debunking fostering myths and misconceptions

Anyone who considers becoming a foster carer is bound to encounter a lot of big questions about the process and requirements of becoming and being a carer. At Orchard Fostering, we’ve heard all the myths and misconceptions about foster care – some of which you may be encountering for the first time. These myths and misconceptions can be confusing or off-putting – and often, difficult to get a straight answer on. We strive to make the foster care process as simple, clear-cut and straightforward as

June 27th, 2022|Categories: fostering advice|

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