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Orchard Fostering Family Placement Service

Orchard Fostering Family Placement Service was established in 2009. The service is operated by a team of social workers and support staff based in Celbridge and provides placements in and around Dublin.

The operational management of the service is overseen by a qualified principal social worker with over 35 years experience of working with children and families in a variety of settings including residential care, child protection, fostering and adoption.  This experience includes working both in the statutory and independent sector. The team are led by a qualified social work team manager with a background in child protection.  

Orchard Fostering Family Placement Service has chosen to recruit permanent teams of social workers to assess and support carers as it our belief that this provides a consistent quality of assessment and support that helps maintain placement stability for children within the service. 

The company operates on a not for profit basis ensuring that income over and above costs is ploughed back in to provide resources for the staff, carers and children in the service. The safety and well being of children entrusted to our care is of paramount importance to us and this is reflected in our practice and procedure framework that is reviewed annually.

The service is compliant with national standards, legislation and regulation governing services for vulnerable children in care of TUSLA Child and Family Agency and we continue to strive to exceed the minimum requirements laid down in these documents. We work hard to meet the needs of TUSLA Child and Family Agency and actively respond to their purchasing requirements. 

The service recruits carers to provide the range of placements listed below: 

Individual and sibling group placements:
All foster carers are approved for specific children and some are approved for sibling groups.
Bridging placements - Foster carers are able to prepare children for adoption or long term foster care.

Emergency placements:
A small team of foster carers specialises in short term work and many can accept unplanned placements and provide a 24 hours, 7 days a week, crisis service.

Short and long term placements:
Orchard Fostering's family placement foster carers are available to meet a wide range of childrens needs in terms of length and type of placement from respite care to extended placements.  These carers also work to achieve family reunification 

Parent and child placements:
Foster carers can give comprehensive support to the parents and children and may be available to accommodate mothers and/or fathers and their babies. This can include day fostering placements

Supported Lodging placements:
Carers recruited to offer young people aged 15 plus and opportunity to learn the skills needed to live independently whilst receiving practical and emotional support.

If you would like to make a referral or just want more information then call the team on 01 627 5713.