Whether you’re well versed in social media or new to the game, there’s no denying Tiktok is phenomenally popular with children of all ages. The video-sharing social media platform specializes in short-form clips and to date the app has over 2 billion downloads. TikTok, among other social media apps, have transformed the nature of ‘celebrity’ as we know it. In theory, someone can easily earn star status from their bedroom so it’s no surprise the platform has struck a chord with a younger generation. From dance tutorials to lip syncing and viral memes, there’s no shortage of content and something for just about everyone including life skills like cooking and budgeting. But it’s not just a useful place for gen z, you might be surprised to learn that as of 2023 there’s plenty of fostering advice and foster care content on TikTok too. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when logging onto the site for the first time as cat videos and memes vie for your attention! That’s why we’ve created a guide for TikTok trends 2023. Here, you’ll find some great foster care TikTok accounts to follow, and get up to speed on popular accounts to keep up with the tiktok trends in foster care! 

Of course, always remember to keep your foster child informed about safety when using social media and ensure they use it responsibly. And if you’re interested in fostering, please reach out to Orchard Fostering today. We’re available on the phone or via email – you can also fill out a form directly on our contact page.

Popular Foster Care TikToks

Be The Village @bethevillage 

Be The Village is, in their own words, “a family who made the decision to open our home to children in foster care” They describe themselves as “authentic and passionate about changing the way the world sees the system and kids who are in care and view the account as “our journey becoming a foster family and our experiences with placement calls, placements, and the system.” Across popular social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and of course, TikTok, Be The Village posts content that most foster parents – whether first time or old hands – will find engaging and informative. 

Foster Parenting @fosterparenting 

Under the channel Foster Parenting, Laura a foster Tiktok mom posts short form video content mostly aimed at providing examples and cues for different situations that might come up when fostering as well as managing difficult behavior. This is a brilliant channel for those new to fostering, who might be unsure of what to say during different scenarios or just looking for a good foster mom role model themselves!

Foster the Teens @fostertheteen

Brittany is the main creator of content for Foster the Teens and self described as an ‘emergency/respite foster mom’. In particular, this channel answers some common questions sent to Brittany via social media which many foster parents will find insightful and informative. 

Popular TikTok influencers in foster care and trends

TikTok influencers seem to come out of nowhere and a new trend seems to take hold everyday. Here’s an introduction to help get you started with a selection of some of the most popular and viral TikTokers.

Khabane Lame @khaby.lame

Khabane Lame is one of the best TikTok origin stories out there. As of today, his account is the most popular channel on the platform with 155.8 million followers. After losing his job during the Covid19 pandemic, the leading content creator took to TikTok and began making videos satirizing common ‘life hacks’ that had become viral on the internet. His targets of choice were time-consuming inefficient hacks like fashioning a holder for a glass, or intricate ways to peel a banana. Khabane would then record himself performing the action with ease with a trademark shake of the head.

Jimmy Donaldson @MrBeast

At just 24 years old, Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is one of the most-viewed and highest-paid creators on social media. He began with early viral videos that included challenging feats like reading every word in the dictionary or counting from 0 to 100,000 for 40 hours. These days, he also does a lot of good-samaritan pranks, like giving away sums of money for random challenges to passersby.

Zach King @Zachking 

Zach King is an American internet personality who creates videos with digital sleights of hand. One commentator went so far as to say “his expertly-edited six-second videos could put David Blaine to shame.” With 74.8 million followers, his videos have entertained and inspired many, showing them exactly what is possible with just a camera phone, a laptop and some editing skills. Zach has said that producing a Vine usually takes upwards of 24 hours including three to four hours of filming.

Looking at the Instagram realm, do read our blog on Angel who is an Orchard Fostering care leaver who documented her journey in foster care @myjourneyincare.

If you’re interested in foster care, please reach out to Orchard Fostering today. We’re available on the phone or via email – you can also fill out a form directly on our contact page.